Jay Bragg is Ready to Bare His Country-Rockin’ Soul with Three Phase Release of New Album Find Me In

Find Me in a Song (Vol. 1) -- Jay Bragg | Cover Art

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After an incredibly successful 2019, much of it spent opening arenas ahead of Country Music Hall of Fame member Alan Jackson, singer-songwriter and entertainer Jay Bragg reemerges in the midst of a pandemic-ravaged music scene with hope, gratitude, spunk and soul-shaking grooves in the form of sophomore album Find Me in A Song. The album will be released in three digital phases beginning on August 27th with the physical copies available in full.

The first digital phase will introduce a more soulful edge with an entire gospel choir on “Deliver My Soul” before leading into the honky tonk explosion of “After Tonight It’s Over” followed by the bluesy/ jazz lament of “I Don’t Hear from Her Anymore”-- reminiscent of what a Gary Allan and Amy Winehouse love-child would sound like. A lot of the sounds on this album are heavily influenced by Bragg’s upbringing and exposure to all types of American styles ranging from gospel, blues, folk, country, and rock ‘n roll.

“My parents influenced a lot of the writing and making of this record,” said Bragg. “My dad was in a gospel choir and my mom was the sound engineer for the group; She’d put the headphones on her belly when she was pregnant with me so I could hear the vibrations. I was literally absorbing music before I was even born. I wanted a gospel choir in the background of “Deliver My Soul” to recall the gospel music I heard growing up. That, paired with the fiddle, makes for this kind of spiritual honky tonk experience that sets the tone for what follows. I wanted to make an album that made my parents proud as they have both done so much in nurturing my creative spirit and pursuits.This record is dedicated to my mom and dad.”

In more ways than one, Find Me in a Song is the product of survival stemming from Bragg’s persistence in an oversaturated city of dreamers who continue to tread water in the wake of COVID-19. Bragg, a third-generation professional musician, is a lifer and full-heartedly dedicated to a music career with longevity. With the halt of the touring industry and live music on standby, releasing a collection of material in a series is not only to withstand the times, but to bring Bragg’s fans a much needed dose of joy and comfort throughout the remainder of this year.

“Music has always been that lighthouse that reminds me who I am, where I came from and how to get to where I want to go,” added Bragg. “‘Find Me In A Song’ is the story of my life laid bare. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my days - the thousands of shows I’ve played since I was 5, the relationships I’ve made, heartbreaks I’ve endured and challenges I’ve persevered through - it’s that there’s nothing more powerful than love and truth. This music is my love and my truth and I’m releasing it at a time when so much of this country and world is broken, lied to, void of hope and in need of that lighthouse to remind us that life is beautiful. And with some good, honest music, a few drinks and a little dancing, it’s still a whole lotta fun.”

Find Me In a Song Track Listing:

[Phase 1] - Available 8/27

1. Deliver My Soul (Bragg, Mallon)

2. After Tonight It’s Over (Bragg, Michael)

3. I Don’t Hear From Her Anymore (Bragg)

[Phase 2] - TBA

4. Angel Eyes (Bragg)

5. Liquor Salesman (Bragg, Cotton)

6. Where the Sun Sets (Bragg, Mallon)

[Phase 3] - TBA

7. Physical Education (Bragg, Mallon) ​8. Just Walk Away (Bragg)

9. Sweet Gift of Music (Bragg)

10. Find Me In a Song (Bragg)


Jay Bragg has music in his blood; His grandparents were performers on the Vaudeville circuit and his father took music to the professional level in his teenage years. Bragg has been immersed in music since the age of five, when he first performed fiddle on stage. Bragg eventually made a name for himself as a songwriter and frontman of country band North of Nashville in his home state of Maine. North of Nashville achieved local and national success recording three albums and touring across the US opening for acts such as Dierks Bentley, Gary Alan, Brothers Osborne and Chris Stapleton. In June of 2015, Bragg decided to uproot his comfortable lifestyle and take his career to the next level by relocating to Nashville. For a solid year, Bragg took in all the knowledge and experience he could get by co-writing, interacting with industry folks, and in 2016 when Country Music Hall Of Famer Alan Jackson opened AJ’s Good Time Bar on Lower Broadway, Bragg ceased the opportunity to perform on a regular basis at the all traditional country music venue. After three years of solid four-hour sets and putting his nose-to-the-grindstone, Bragg was delegated as the house band for AJ’s Good Time Bar every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday night. He also released a successful debut solo record entitled Honky Tonk Dream, where he paid homage to Jackson with a cover of “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”. A career milestone took place shortly after when Matt Harville, the general manager of AJ’s Good Time Bar, offered Bragg the opportunity of a lifetime to join Jackson on the road as opener for his upcoming area tour. Bragg performed with equal amounts of passion and energy in front of a handful of sold out arenas for Jackson throughout late 2019, winning over the hearts of thousands of new fans who helped him raise enough to finance his second full length record, Find Me In A Song. For more information, visit www.jaybragg.com and follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

Jay Bragg | Press Image Photography: Jay Bragg Download Here



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